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March 17th--Happy St. Patrick's Day

It pays to be a union member.


  • As of 2014, 94% of union members had access to an employer provided health care plan compared with only 68% of unrepresented workers.

  • 83% of union members have paid sick leave compared to only 62% of non-union workers.

  • Union member have a better chance to save for retirement then non-union workers can.  Union members participate in defer-compensation programs, get better paid during employment and earn larger pensions.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Survey, March 2014

Building Your Future

March is Women's History Month--Let's celebrate all the contributions women have made towards our communities and improvements in our way of life.

PROTECT Your Future

Division 235 supports its members to improve their working conditions along with aiming to protect the ideals of individual merit and the efficient delivery of services to New York State citizens..