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Our union  has designed  a grievance system  for us to use to make sure our employer is following contract rules. 

When to file a grievance.

First step in filing a grievance is to speak to your steward to make sure your employer violated a provision of the contract.  It's very important to do this to make sure your grievance isn't a gripe such as working with a disgruntle supervisor. Some examples of typical grievance issues are overtime pay and disciplinary procedures.  If your complaint doesn't fit the definition of a contract violation, don't give up.  With organized help from your steward and collogues, the union can put pressure on your employer.  

Why filing a grievance is important?

Many people often are aware of when an employer is violating the contract but are hesitant to file a grievance because they either don't want to get into trouble or don't want to make a big deal out of it. It's our responsibility to file grievances and defend our rights.  When an employer violates the contract it becomes necessary for us to challenge them and enforce our contract. When grievances are filed we are sending the message that the contract must be taken seriously.

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